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You are no longer a Virgin, but you need to confirm your Virginity?

Instruction video and explanations

This explains exactly how the product is used. To take away your fear and worries.

Video Instruction VirginiaCare Artificial Hymen

How to use the Artificial Hymen correctly!

instruction artificial hymen

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The solution is very simple, repair hymen without an expensive and painful operation!

Artificial Hymen

This artificial Hymen has special virgin blood powder, which fully dissolves and is released during sexual intercourse. The color shade of the virgin blood powder is exactly identical to the color of human blood. For right application, introduce the hymen finger deep about 30 minutes - 2 hours before intercourse. With the natural friction of the process, the desired result automatically becomes visible! Our artificial hymen allows you to enjoy your marriage and the wedding night and to effectively confirm your virginity.

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Hymen Capsules Blood

Repair Virginity Completely Set

This set contains 2 artificial hymen, 2 blood capsules and 1 Vagina Tightening Gel Revitalize 100. This combination assures the perfect preparation for confirming your virginity during the wedding night. We want to to feel completely safe and sure of yourself during your wedding, so we include 2 hymen and 2 capsules in the set, which allows you to try it out beforehand. This will make you confident in the results and alleviate your nervousness!

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VirginiaCare Vagina Tightening Gel

VirginiaCare Revitalize 100 Vagina Tightening Gel helps to narrow the vaginal entrance and create the authentic virgin sensation. Especially developed for tightening the vagina, the Revitalize 100 gel also soothes and moistens the area and helps you feel confident and relaxed during your wedding night. Natural extracts and the special composition of the gel make it noticeably tighten your vagina while nourishing it at the same time. From 1-2 weeks before the event, start applying the gel to prepare for the desired results.

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artificial hymen and vagina tightening gel

Artificial Hymen and Tightening Gel

Artificial Hymen and Tightening Gel

We offer you our artificial hymen and vagina firming gel set as a combination. For best results, the artificial hymen should be introduced 30 minutes - 2 hours before intercourse. The vagina firming gel is used preparatively 1-2 weeks before the planned sexual intercourse to prepare your vagina and make sure your virginity is effectively confirmed during the wedding night.

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Blood Capsules 13 N New

VirginiaCare Blood Capsules

VirginiaCare's Virgin Blood Capsules dissolve on their own inside your body through warmth and moisture so you can be sure that the results are perfect during your wedding night.

The simulated blood from the capsules will help you make your virginity absolutely credible. The Hymen Blood Pills should be inserted finger deep into the vagina 1-3 hours before the sexual intercourse.

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Artificial Hymen and Virginia Blood Capsules

Artificial Hymen 2 and NEW Blood Capsules 2 Set

Our set consists of 2x artificial hymen and 2x virgin blood capsules. To know the product, how it works and to be sure which one you want to use, you can try both beforehand and find out which one works best for you.

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100% Safe | Easy To Use | No Side Effects

All Virginia Care products are reliable and totally free of side effects. With our simple to use products, you can stop worrying about your wedding night now.

No Surgery

With our products you avoid seeing a doctor and having a surgery for hymen reconstruction. Free of pain, no intervention.

100% Natural Ingredients

Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients.

artificial hymen faq

Questions and Answers about Artificial Hymen and the VirginiaCare Brand

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Neutral Packaging

For discreteness, all VirginiaCare products are shipped and delivered in a smart, ad-free box and declared for customs as a cosmetic product.

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Many thanks I can only recommend the product it really helped me. At the beginning I was very skeptical but the result really convinced me. Please help many like me and keep going

Alinkas from Kasakstahn

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you saved my life and my honor. I will never forget it for you. Please keep it up !!

Asha from India

At the beginning I was very skeptical when I found out about it, but I thought before I go through an expensive and painful surgery I would give it a try. What did I have to lose? It was the best decision. Everything was perfect and I no longer needed to be afraid. I thank you from the bottom of my heart

Saima from Pakistan

Be careful with Fake Quality

Many offers in the field of artificial hymen are poor quality, unreliable and can even be a danger to your health! It is important to pay attention to where you order! Both very cheap and overpriced products for restoring the virginity are offered and some companies do so without even disclosing their company information!

VirginiaCare is a reliable company that only offers high quality products that have licenses to be sold in pharmacies! We commit to only sell high quality products that have been tested thoroughly. On our website we only give reliable and proven information and only recommend original high quality Virginia Care products. Virginia Care successfully offers and sells products globally for 10 years already, since 2010. Our products have the central pharmacy numbers that are used in Germany and are approved by German pharmacies. Women's rights activists have presented our products as a solution for artificial hymen and an alternative to virginity surgery in a European TV documentary. Virginia Care offers you safety and quality!

attention fake hymen

The Production of our restore virginity products

virginiacare clean room laboratory


Produced in a clean room laboratory for microbiology in Germany. 

hymen german quality

German Quality

All VirginiaCare products are original and  high quality.

virgin blood powder

Artificial Blood Powder: made organically and identical to real blood

Our artificial blood capsules are made from self-dissolving cellulose and filled with a special artificial blood powder, which is Halal compliant because no animal ingredients are used.